Crane: Unfold Your Story

portrait of a client

Open-minded, open-hearted schools and organizations, who both seek wise counsel and share institutional truths, benefit most from a CRANE program.

Our clients are bold.

They are willing to look, sound, and think differently. They’re ready to embrace compelling visual representations that resonate with contemporary audiences across multiple communications platforms. They’re ready to exchange overused and often co-opted language employed by legions of institutions and organizations, in favor of precise and poignant expressions. And they’re ready to let go of “the way we’ve always done it” in favor of authentic, aligned, differentiated messaging that truly expresses the values of the institution they love and serve.


And they are receptive.

They love learning and ask many questions. They leverage CRANE guidance to navigate challenges and obstacles, and rely on us to help them develop the right solutions for their communications and positioning needs. They are willing to reimagine process and lean into their partnership with CRANE, to ensure new strategies and messages are carefully shepherded and effectively presented.


Our clients are flexible and eager to learn.

They are not afraid to kick over rocks and dig up roots to see what lies beneath, to surface and name longstanding issues that may be impeding the institution’s progress. CRANE clients crave new clarity, and they solicit and value feedback from all quarters—students, parents, faculty, trustees, donors, and consultants. They grasp the vital importance of hearing truth from an invested community—because not knowing can obviate the opportunity to move forward.


But they stand firm in their founding principles.

They honor their guiding vision and history, remain aligned with their mission, and safeguard their defining values. They appreciate authentic stories that are as accurate as they are compelling. And our clients are not interested in conforming to the widest market niche; rather, they seek to form genuine connections with exactly the prospective families who need precisely what they—and only they—already do best.


Most of all, our clients prize honesty.

They extend it to and expect it from us. They embrace their institutional truths and invite CRANE into sometimes difficult conversations. And that kind of frank, trusting transparency leads us to the crux of the issue, sketches the roadmap for the way forward, and results in an enduring, collaborative, and companionable alliance.