Crane: Unfold Your Story

Client testimonials

What’s it like to work with CRANE? Our clients–and now lifelong friends–describe the transformative experience of creating a CRANE program together.

Creative work and strategic thinking…

The experience of working with CRANE was exceptional. More than a simple marketing consultancy, CRANE took the time to get to know our school deeply in order to make informed and perceptive recommendations to help us advance. We benefited greatly from their creative work, but more importantly, from the strategic counsel they offered our school leaders. We highly recommend them.

Morgan Porzio
Director of Marketing and Communications

Trevor Day School | New York, NY

An outstanding experience…

I highly recommend CRANE for any nonprofit, school, or college that seeks to differentiate itself through creative and strategic concepts and messaging. CRANE has a thorough and time-tested process that ensures institutions find an authentic language and brand to best represent them. We were also impressed with their ability to recognize the nuances and difficulties of our local marketplace and accommodate these nuances. The people at CRANE are caring and intelligent listeners and teachers who are also able to speak the truth in difficult situations. Our two-year experience with CRANE has been outstanding.

Sarah Cowan
former Director of Communications

St. George’s Independent School | Memphis, TN

A team of partners…

CRANE specializes in helping clients find their key differentiating characteristics, and that is exactly what they did for our school in metro Atlanta. Their writer, designer, and strategic leadership were such assets for us throughout the research, creative, and implementation phases of our rebranding effort. While all of their work was top notch, the Promise Statement Workshop they organized and led for us yielded the most beautifully descriptive writing, which was fully embraced by our community. I highly recommend CRANE for independent schools, colleges, and nonprofits looking for a team of strategic partners to assist with and guide their marketing strategy and campaigns.

Kristy Helms
former Director of Communications

The Walker School | Atlanta, GA

The tide has turned…
(A CRANE Success)

We’re certainly a CRANE success story. The Review & Reflection Paper guided and supported our strategic planning process and helped clarify how we talk about ourselves. And with our new tailored, authentic messaging, we were able to increase the quantity and quality of inquiries via an integrated marketing strategy. The community buzz has been phenomenal.

Stephanie Morin
Assistant Head of School for Institutional Advancement

St. Andrew’s School | Barrington, RI

Four years later, we remain more than satisfied…

The CRANE team did an outstanding job for our school. They were creative thinkers, good listeners, and true partners who really got at the essence of the school. Throughout the project, we relied on their expertise and found every team member to be confident but never arrogant (meaning that they truly listened to us and made adjustments where necessary). The language, visuals, and messaging pieces CRANE created for us are absolutely wonderful. Perhaps the best evidence of that is how readily and enthusiastically our parents, students, faculty members, and alumni embraced our new look and materials. Four years later, we’ve made only minor adjustments and remain more than satisfied with their work.

Jill Field
former Director of Communications

Breck School | Minneapolis, MN

The transformation is just beginning…

Admittedly, rebranding was a terrifying process. It’s not easy stepping away from the familiar and comfortable, but CRANE showed us how. They looked at the school from every angle and articulated our message using the words we always wanted to use to describe who we are, but could never find.

Every decision was carefully made in collaboration. The CRANE team did not work for us—they worked with us. And despite the fact that they had many other clients, we always felt that we were their top priority. No phone call was too long; no number of emails was too many. The process was transformative for the school. It has allowed us to look at ourselves through a magnified lens. We notice, and correct, that mark on the wall, or the old poster hanging on the door. We use marketing language as part of our regular conversations. We consider our brand to be more than a logo. And we know the transformation is really just beginning.

Jennifer Neuner
Director of Marketing & Special Events

Manlius Pebble Hill School | Syracuse, NY

Professional guidance and collaboration…

CRANE of Atlanta, Georgia, has provided exceptionally gifted professional services to ICAISA. To foster a successful launch of the newly formed ICAISA, CRANE professionals, notably principal Shelly W. Peters, led numerous sessions to assist Council members in discovering our best positioning language and surfacing the “beautifully compelling story of our work, already embedded within our organization.” Their guidance helped us to establish a tagline that is a “real and resonant” representation of our work: Inspiring Transformation, Upholding Excellence. Joanna Duryea created a meaningful and chic logo featuring two intersecting waves, connoting the integration of ICAISA’s members and all that they do on behalf of their schools. CRANE’s talented team and care for our success will serve ICAISA for years to come, and we are grateful.

ICAISA Board of Directors
Midland, TX