Crane: Unfold Your Story

Turning collision into alignment: How to tap into the elusive beauty of admissions and advancement synergy

Enrollment forms are submitted, tuition deposits paid, and now it’s time for The Hand-Off: when newly-enrolled families, initially shepherded with great care by the admissions team, move into the larger school community. But wait: Is there actually an exchange of custody?

The admission and recruitment messages that drew them to you offered stories that resonated—about your academic approach, your values, your community, your culture. Will upcoming fundraising and solicitation messages resonate with the same emotional storytelling that warrants and inspires their committed support?

Join storytelling strategist Patrick Kelly and Pam Mason-Norsworthy, consultant at Crane MetaMarketing, as they examine ways advancement and admission staff can ensure that:

  • fundraising solicitations don’t feel like they come from an entirely different institution but instead connect with and demonstrate real-school values
  • admission and advancement staff properly and intentionally share insight and information to strengthen both philanthropy and retention
  • millennial parent needs and expectations are more deeply understood
  • silos don’t develop that inhibit strong and consonant messaging.

Our presentation includes a review of the admissions journey from the prospect’s perspective, along with new realities associated with changing demographics in independent schools. We offer examples of consonant messaging, as well as tactical advice to create a more aligned and seamless experience for the constituents in your community.

presented at the Joint Conference for Admission and Development Directors, Association of Independent Schools of Greater Washington DC (AISGW), May 2017