Crane: Unfold Your Story

Sherri Stegelman

finance manager


We love Sherri’s eagerness to dive into a project with optimism and gusto. And her ability to sustain an abiding excitement about numbers and spreadsheets extends to everything else she undertakes at CRANE—from professional development workshops to a team trip to the local driving range, Sherri is all in.


Even as she bustles from task to task, Sherri is meticulous about the details that matter. Sherri brings to CRANE a degree in accounting and years of experience as a school registrar and bookkeeper—as well as a critical eye for existing systems and potential inefficiencies.


Sherri has an irrepressible urge to figure out how things work and make them work better for everyone. As the finance manager of our far-flung but close-knit CRANE community, Sherri takes charge of all things monetary and ensures that the business side of a CRANE program is as well-scripted and affirmative as the creative and strategic sides.