Crane: Unfold Your Story

Shelly W. Peters


“Your brand should be one of your organization’s most powerful and unifying assets. Steward it accordingly.”

As the strategic and organizational leader of CRANE, Shelly fosters empowering relationships—between our client partners and our CRANE team, between each client and their internal and external audiences, and among our own multifaceted team members. Shelly passionately believes that to achieve enduring success—with a marketing program or as an organization—every community member should authentically believe in the same overarching purpose. At the same time, each individual must feel inspired and encouraged to contribute their unique talents toward the larger vision.

While driving each program’s strategic approach and creative development, Shelly has employed her keen perception, wise diplomacy, and inner drive to ensure that clients and team members alike all achieve their highest aspirations. She draws on years of experience across a spectrum of CRANE roles—counsel, manager, problem-solver, advocate, and chief learning officer—to lead our teams and serve clients with a balance of big-picture thinking and careful attention to detail.

Shelly’s greatest strength—as a leader and listener, a partner and an ally—lies in her naturally calm, just, and civil approach to every person and situation. Colleagues and clients alike often describe Shelly in similar ways: patient and poised; energetic and optimistic; an expansive thinker, tireless achiever, and firm believer in other people.

 In addition to Shelly’s longevity and agility across a number of roles at CRANE since 2007, her nonprofit education consulting and corporate management experience provide her with a broad context for understanding clients’ challenges. Shelly holds a dual BA in psychology and educational studies from Emory University and studied learning and organizational change at Northwestern University.