Crane: Unfold Your Story

Phyllis Gilbert



The only safe assumption in research is to anticipate inherent complexities; Phyllis intentionally probes for them. Her ability to keep an open mind and absorb key insights keeps Phyllis attuned to the data—and it makes her a pretty good Jeopardy! contestant, too.


The bottom line for Phyllis: the truth will out. And she carefully designs instruments and methods to make it so. With a BA in anthropology from Lawrence University, Phyllis brings the skills she developed during two decades of marketing and educational research—preceded by ten years of anthropological field work, including oral history collection, archival research, and site survey and excavation. As a research consultant for CRANE, Phyllis provides the investigative skills and research direction that undergird our clients’ market positioning, branding, and strategic planning.


Phyllis knows that findings achieve more resonance when you carefully shepherd your team—and your clients—to learn along with you.