Crane: Unfold Your Story

Ginny Sternberg

positioning coordinator


Ginny is a true finisher and a dedicated giver. When something needs doing, she figures out how to make it all the way done. And when she sees a need, she fills it—from a dose of honest advice for a prospective client to a homemade lasagna for a hungry concepts team.


Whether it’s a complex spreadsheet, a detailed presentation, or simply scheduling a five-way conference call, Ginny makes things happen with precision and zero fuss. She maneuvers through the complexity of a day at CRANE, drawing on more than 25 years of experience with our group. Her exemplary work with Patti Crane—as an administrator, office manager, and travel coordinator—spans decades; she now serves on another end of the spectrum by supporting business development and our research and marketing teams. Ginny’s detail-oriented approach along with her warmth and efficiency provide support for every CRANE project.


Ginny’s constancy shows in all that she does, from her commitment to high professional standards and personal ideals to her advocacy for all CRANE clients—past, present, and prospective.