Crane: Unfold Your Story

Dr. Ann Gelder



To Ann, writing and education—her two great passions—share much in common. She sees both endeavors as processes of discovery, requiring inspiration, collaboration, and disciplined effort. As a novelist and as a CRANE, Ann’s goal is finding the perfect word, phrase, or image that makes everything clear.


Ann’s sharp mind and clever wit help her, and our clients, view complex challenges from fresh angles. A deep thinker by nature and by training, Ann holds a Ph.D. in comparative literature from the University of California, Berkeley and has experience as both a lecturer and program manager at Stanford University and as an educational software developer in Silicon Valley. An accomplished fiction writer, Ann has also published work in magazines and literary reviews and her first novel, Bigfoot and the Baby, was published by Bona Fide Books in 2014.


In her role on CRANE teams, Ann serves not only as a writer, but as a thoughtful and reflective interlocutor, dedicated to helping clients excavate and celebrate their own rare gifts.