Crane: Unfold Your Story

Chanda Grubbs



Chanda is many things—a novelist, a teacher, an artist, and even a founding partner in Bearded Iris Brewing of Nashville, Tennessee. Her range and intellectual flexibility flows beautifully into her writing for CRANE. Chanda seamlessly inhabits multiple voices and tones, animating sentences and turns-of-phrase to lend fresh perspective.


By constructing prose from a foundation of striking images and idiosyncratic details, Chanda provokes emotional movement within audiences and creates lasting resonance. Chanda honed this attention to craft at the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, where she earned an MFA. Her fiction writer’s love of language, style, and point-of-view, combined with a natural fascination for persuasion and argument, allows Chanda to enliven both strategy papers and creative concepts. Chanda’s first novel, Albedo, was honored with the Plaza Literary Prize.


Confident and intrepid, Chanda takes a bold approach to her writing—shining a new and distinctive light on the strengths and beauties of her clients.