Crane: Unfold Your Story

Angie Jackson

positioning strategist


Angie has a sixth sense about what’s doable and what’s not, and she believes strongly in smart efforts and targeted approaches. But she’s also an inveterate optimist, and that means she’s always looking for ways to push forward and accomplish more—whether that’s in a kayak, on a mountain trail, or in a creative team meeting.


Angie is a cross-channel advertising expert with a degree in communications from Indiana University and 15 years of educational marketing experience. In her tenure with us, Angie has achieved impressive results for more than 100 CRANE clients. Over half of these partnerships included either campaign consultation or philanthropy support. Her experience is supplemented by Angie’s profound sense of purpose—every decision she makes on behalf of our clients is attuned to the central question of “To what end?”


Nimble at high speeds, Angie handles the shifting realities of any project gracefully and with studied accuracy. However, her speed is never at the price of safety. Angie is the trusted and careful steward of each phase of a CRANE program, making sure we remain attuned to our clients’ needs and responsive to evolving on-the-ground realities. Her insight, pragmatism, and contagious energy make her a natural at ensuring that good ideas become functioning solutions.