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Stepping up your school’s communications game: Swapping “stuff” for strategy

Stepping up your school’s communications game is essential, right now, to ensure that your school finds and persuades best-fit families today and for years to come.

Just as important—and perhaps more surprising—rethinking what, why, and how your school communicates can re-energize and even transform all of your school’s “Five A’s”: admissions, advancement, administration, alumni relations, and even academics.

Yet many schools still hold to the old communications office paradigm—producing newsletters and brochures, maintaining the website, sending out invitations and announcements. These efforts reflect what the school does, but rarely inspire and drive momentum of their own.

So what if you create the office of strategic marketing, charged with shaping, disseminating, and stewarding a specific, differentiating, inspiring vision of your school’s value proposition?

What if you hire or restructure specifically to fit this new paradigm?

How might your budget change?

Your priorities?

Your internal and external audiences?

As an in-house strategic organization, the marketing office becomes the locus for the unique idea of your school to live, grow, and empower your entire community—every day and over the long term.

In this panel discussion, Scott Reisinger, Head of Trevor Day School; Morgan Porzio, Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications at Trevor Day School; Patti Crane, founder of Crane MetaMarketing; and Angie Jackson, CRANE marketing solutions director, share relevant takeaways from Trevor’s transformation of a once-quiet communications office into a well-oiled strategic marketing hub. The session begins with two 20-minute presentations from Trevor and CRANE, followed by a 35-minute discussion period aimed toward providing each audience member with tangible tactics to take back to campus.

presented at the CASE-NAIS 2016 Independent Schools Conference