Crane: Unfold Your Story

Our school’s parents are now millennials? Marketing that cuts through generational fog

Do the math. Those vaunted-yet-maligned millennials (born 1981 and later) have hit their mid-thirties, and they parent the elementary and middle schoolers you need to recruit—especially the new families not already in your school’s traditional pipeline. In only a few more years, they become the gatekeepers for upper school selections as well.

Are you ready? Do you know which messages and methods these new parents reject—and which ones speak their language? Do you have a workable map of their sometimes-convoluted decision journey? Do you have an accurate social graph to track their influences and influencers?

Join Patti Crane as she takes us through current recruitment problems, actual marketing solutions, and real-time outcomes for a varied array of independent schools across the country. Bring your questions—and sample marketing materials if you’d like an offline critique during the conference.

presented at the June 2017 Crow’s Nest Institute, a three-day retreat for experienced independent school admission directors