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Letting go of lists: Using “Theory of the Case” to surge your enrollment

Though today’s spreadsheet parents assemble ever-expanding lists of “must-haves” as they school-shop—especially in over-schooled markets—it’s only a coherent Theory of the Case that captures the highest share of your best-fit families. See how two longstanding Boston schools—just six miles apart—let go of the lists to surge enrollment, tightening and focusing their value propositions using Theory of the Case. Join school heads Mark Stanek of Cambridge’s Shady Hill School and Todd Vincent of Brookline’s Dexter Southfield plus founder Patti Crane of Crane MetaMarketing to see real-life examples in a fast-paced session that answers:

1) Is there a “Third Way” to respond to spreadsheet parents, without either ignoring their lists or caving in to them?
2) What qualifies as a Theory of the Case, and how do you build one for your school?
3) How do you use the Theory of the Case to do marketing that goes beyond informing to PERSUADING?

presented at National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), 2015