Crane: Unfold Your Story


We believe every school has a story worth telling. But too often, outsiders only see a simple—or even misleading—surface. That means families who might be a perfect fit for your school can end up relying on fact-stacking and onerous spreadsheets to compare you to others. Unlike your insiders, they don’t see the authentic, one-of-a-kind you. Leveraging your hidden multitudes—the unique story of who you are and what you offer—is our specialty. How do we do it? The process begins, and ends, with revelation.

Opening up

Our first step is to learn extensively about your school or organization, your people, and your competitors. We call it “knowing our knowables.” If you can read it, observe it, study it, and discuss it—we do.

We walk your campus and observe your classes. We talk to your people—as many of them as we can. We record our observations, then take it all back to our office to deliberate over what we saw, heard, and learned.

Then, we speak it all back to you through a reflection paper and distillation statement, celebrating what your school can claim. And we listen carefully as you tell us where we got it right and where we need more clarification.

Together, we work to reveal and understand your institution’s narrative texture—in all its inherently beautiful intricacies and peculiarities.


Turning the inside out

This part of the process is all about making (and making use of) your inherent uniqueness.

We begin by distilling the aspects of your institutional identity discovered during our investigation and observation—to create your metaconcept.

Your metaconcept encapsulates the story that you and only you can tell.

When we return for the Concepts Workshop we share prototypes that feature new language and enhanced visuals to address your specific messaging opportunities in an audience-attuned, dynamically potent, and multilayered way.

Standing out to your audience

Now you’re ready to reveal the story your right-fit prospects have been waiting to hear.

Working together, you and your CRANE team construct and fine-tune your deliverables, facilitate printing, strategize ad placements, and build a brand rollout plan—leaving you with not only the materials you need, but also a tried-and-true process to guide your internal decision making and institutional messaging for years to come.

And as we like to say, once a CRANE client, always a CRANE client. If months or years after our engagement, you need to talk through an emerging exigency in your marketplace, are unsure of how to introduce new leadership, or want to make a splash with your anniversary celebration, we always have ideas, input, and advice to share.