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The Decision Journey: Bridging the gap between data collection and personal connection

2019 NAIS Annual Conference
February 27 – March 1, 2019

Today’s digital world encourages prospective families to demand access to all relevant information about your school – instantly. But millennial parents don’t want to be “sold to.” They seek to connect with your culture, so they can imagine how their children will feel as they learn and grow with you.

While admissions and marketing professionals have more analytical tools at their disposal than ever before, how to leverage those tools to ensure meaningful connection can feel like somewhat of a mystery. By carefully analyzing demographic and psychographic market studies, schools can strategically structure and prioritize content to align their messaging with prospective families’ most deeply held beliefs. To do this effectively, however, schools must answer several essential questions:

  • How can you make sure every touch point on the decision journey is focused on connecting rather than selling?
  • How can you forge meaningful human connections with right-fit families identified through data gathering?

And moreover:

  • When and how should you use targeted digital outreach?
  • How do you make sure your tour reveals your school’s values and culture in ways that feel personal, meaningful, and true?
  • How can you transform families’ first impressions of your campus into a genuine desire for a lasting relationship?

We’ll discuss these points and more as we examine the decision process through the lens of values-driven messaging and authentic connection.

Join Dina Skrumbis, Director of Lower School Admissions at Sierra Canyon School in Los Angeles, California, and Christina Albetta, positioning strategist at CRANE in Atlanta, for a strategy session on using data to craft a decision journey for prospective families. We’ll share how Sierra Canyon turned its admissions practices into a customized experience for every family. And we’ll offer participants a chance to audit their own practices while providing quick, easy tips on personalizing every interaction.

Presenter from CRANE

Christina Albetta
Positioning Strategist

Christina carefully examines the unique landscape of every situation, discerning opportunities and possibilities that others may overlook. Her exceptional combination of experience and intuition enables her to give clients the precise tools to tell every institution’s genuine story. Christina holds a BA in journalism and mass communications from the University of New Mexico and draws on nearly 15 years in independent school marketing and communication—including a long tenure as Director of Communications and Strategic Marketing at The Archer School for Girls in Los Angeles.