Crane: Unfold Your Story

WORTH 1,000 WORDS? Ensuring your photography tells the right story

2020 EMA Annual Conference
September 22 – 26, 2020

What is your photography conveying about your school’s culture? More importantly, are your photos doing the work they should?

We live in an unquestionably visual world and using compelling photography to tell your school’s story has never been more important. Consider that more than 100 million photos and videos are posted to Instagram – every single day! Upload an uninspiring photo and viewers will scroll on to a better one.

Your photos make a strong first impression on prospects, but it may not be the impression you want. Schools’ web and print pieces increasingly show less copy and more – you guessed right – images of gorgeous, story-telling photos that pull at the heartstrings and inspire interest, inquires, and clicks. Capturing and deploying the best photography is therefore crucial for your branding and word of mouth.

Join Christina Albetta of CRANE | Atlanta in a workshop to learn photography best practices and the top 7 tricks for ensuring your photos tell the right story. Using specific school examples, we’ll discuss strategies and quick tips to up-level your photo game by guiding each participant through a real-time internal assessment.


  • Understand guiding principles for photography in various mediums
  • Learn to identify the subtle difference between storytelling and documenting
  • Create a plan for a school-wide image audit

Presenter from CRANE

Christina Albetta
Positioning Strategist

Christina carefully examines the unique landscape of every situation, discerning opportunities and possibilities that others may overlook. Her exceptional combination of experience and intuition enables her to give clients the precise tools to tell every institution’s genuine story. Christina holds a BA in journalism and mass communications from the University of New Mexico and draws on nearly 20 years in independent school marketing and communication experience—including a long tenure as Director of Communications and Strategic Marketing at The Archer School for Girls in Los Angeles.