Crane: Unfold Your Story

Timeless & timely messaging: How to honor where you’ve been & celebrate where you’re headed

2020 NAIS Annual Conference
February 26-28, 2020

School leaders know that institutional history can serve as a powerful unifier. Legacy families, seasoned faculty and staff members, loyal donors, and alumni from all eras take pride in traditions and see them as continuing touch points with a school, despite its continuing growth and change.

External audiences, however, don’t immediately feel the same nostalgic pull toward school traditions nor hold the same reverent understanding of institutional history. In some cases, a school that seems overly focused on its own past might even raise questions about its ability to prepare children for a rapidly evolving world. Prospective families, sought-after faculty recruits, and the next wave of donors value increasingly fresh approaches, thirst for innovation, and seek proof that your school is providing sound preparation for whatever the future may hold. For tradition and history to resonate with prospective families, schools must prove their enduring relevance to today’s students by illustrating, concretely and compellingly, how foundational values continue to shape curricular innovations and how decades-old traditions continues to enrich the current student experience.

How can your school’s timeless principles continue to align the institution and guide your goals, even as you reposition yourself for a new era? How could you demonstrate the timely benefits of treasured school traditions? And how might you reframe your school’s history to reveal not only where you’ve been, but where you are determined to go next?

The Peck School of Morristown, New Jersey, has successfully leveraged institutional history and community tradition to support of an array of current institutional priorities, including a bold strategic plan, a thoughtfully evolving curriculum, an ambitious campus master plan, a major capital campaign, and increased inquiries and enrollments at key entry points. Peck’s comprehensive new branding program, which builds explicitly on the school’s careful balance of timeless community ideals and timely programmatic innovation, has helped the school reach and recruit more academically suited students, more philosophically aligned parents, and an increasingly diverse school community.

Join Andy Delinsky, Peck’s Head of School, and Shelly Peters, Principal of CRANE |Atlanta, to learn how this school melded a proud sense of history with vivid, of-the-moment storytelling to meet admissions goals and advance institutional initiatives. Andy and Shelly share both big-picture strategies and hands-on action items that you can adapt and deploy to honor your school’s past while ensuring its future.

**Note: This session will be available through NAIS AC On Demand via live stream or download.