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What (and who) now?: Identity, mission, and values (SAIS 2021)

2021 SAIS Annual Conference
October 17-19, 2021

As we move beyond the disruptions of the last year, educational leaders find themselves at an unprecedented watershed moment. Established processes have been not only disrupted but also reshaped, while long-held practices emerge revised—and, in many cases, truly revitalized. In schools across the country, teachers and administrators are questioning how things have always been done with a newfound and decidedly healthy skepticism.

This spirit of brave interrogation and bold experimentation also has schools asking profound questions about communications, marketing, and branding processes. How can unwavering, foundational values and missions translate into messaging fit for the new normal? How can schools proclaim who they are and have always been, even while communicating the well-earned insights of the past year?

Join Shelly W. Peters, principal of CRANE | Atlanta for a discussion of why this is the most opportune moment in a generation for schools seeking to put everything—including the framing of their core value proposition—on the table for reconsideration and renewal.