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COMING UP – Building Consensus, Building Your Brand (CASE NAIS 2022)

2022 CASE NAIS Annual Conference
January 23-25, 2022

A great school is also a complex organism, with competing priorities and contrasting strengths, each of which might have particular champions within the community. It’s little wonder, then, that leadership teams can sometimes struggle to come to agreement on how to best distill the richness of all their school is and does into a clear, coherent brand platform.

In particular, teams often come into conflict by immediately attempting to establish a marketing hierarchy of specific selling points, like programming, facilities, extracurricular offerings, or specific student experiences. However, if teams think first about the school’s foundational values and mission—the “whys” that underlie all such “whats”—they are better positioned to find common ground.

Please join Lisa Grider of Newark Academy and Shelly Peters of CRANE | Atlanta as they discuss how NA first built team consensus around its principles and purpose, and from there developed a branding program to resonate with both internal and external audiences. The session will include a case study and a workshop activity.