Crane: Unfold Your Story

Knowing what to do starts with knowing who you are: Claiming unchanging values in uncertain times (ASN 2021)

2021 Arts Schools Network Annual Conference
October 26-29, 2021

For the past year, life has seemed in near-constant doubt or disarray, with individuals and organizations alike struggling to sustain established routines and plan confidently for the future. Our most successful decisions in the face of such uncertainty are those rooted in unchanging values—in beliefs, intentions, and principles that we know will hold fast, even as the world around us shifts unpredictably.

This is particularly true for institutions recalibrating communications strategies to meet the changing and competing needs of this moment. Shelly Peters of CRANE | Atlanta has helped schools, universities, and nonprofit organizations leverage enduring purpose and principles to add credibility, stability, and resonance to messaging and marketing. She believes that now more than ever, the stories you tell must feel and be unshakably true, built on the steady bedrock of your mission and your values. In this workshop, Shelly will help you think about both whats and whys: what your campus or curriculum comprises and also why your school or program exists. You’ll also explore how to focus your messaging on the things that should and will remain constant, instead of fixating on the things currently in flux.