Crane: Unfold Your Story

Move from simply attracting “buyers” to cultivating “believers”

2019 ISACS Professional Development Series

When Don’t You Want a Line Out the Door?
Answer: When the line’s not full of right-fit families.

As admissions and communications professionals, your jobs are more complex, subtle, and significant than simply bringing more people in. As you attract prospective families and choose to whom you say yes—and no—every season, you continually craft your school’s culture and ensure its long-term sustainability. You’re not attracting buyers but cultivating believers, at admissions time and throughout their entire school journey. And it’s crucial that both admissions and communications teams work together to achieve these goals. In this session, Shelly Peters of CRANE | Atlanta shows you how to help the right families find and stay with you—by working together to unfold and articulate your school’s own unique story


Presenter from CRANE

Shelly W. Peters

Shelly Peters is the strategic and organizational leader of CRANE. She believes your brand should serve as one of your organization’s most powerful and unifying assets—and you must steward it accordingly. While driving each program’s strategic approach and creative development, Peters has employed her keen perception, wise diplomacy, and inner drive to ensure that clients and team members alike all achieve their highest aspirations. She draws on years of experience across a spectrum of CRANE roles—therapist, problem-solver, advocate, curator, and generator—to lead our teams and serve institutions with a balance of big-picture thinking and careful attention to detail. Peter’s nonprofit education consulting and corporate management experience provide her with a broad context for understanding institutional challenges. She holds a dual BA in psychology and educational studies from Emory University and studied learning and organizational change at Northwestern University.