Crane: Unfold Your Story

Got agility? Deploying fresh positioning in a crowded market

Smaller schools, newer schools, less top-of-mind schools all face uphill battles in crowded, highly competitive markets. But they also possess some clear advantages: the agility to make change happen fast, the freedom to not feel beholden to how things were always done, and the bravery to strike out against the status quo and harness the entrepreneurial energy of their internal community.

As a less-established school in an old-guard market, you need to match your academic innovation and your trailblazing culture with equally sophisticated positioning. And as you’re growing up as a school, your communications need to remain as nimble and as compelling as your new programs and initiatives.

Join Ande Noktes, head of Atlanta’s Midtown International School, and Patrick Kelly, storytelling strategist of CRANE, as they share tactics for how to stake your claim by relying on your origin story and translate evocative tales of teaching and learning into a powerful and precise market position.


presented at the 2018 CASE District III Annual Conference, Atlanta