Crane: Unfold Your Story

When don’t you want a line out the door?

Keynote Presentation:

When don’t you want a line out the door?

Answer: When the line’s not full of right-fit families. As admissions director, your job is more complex, subtle, and significant than simply bringing more people in. In choosing to whom you say yes—and no—every season, you continually craft your school’s culture and ensure its long-term sustainability. That is: you’re not attracting buyers but cultivating believers, at admissions time and throughout their entire school journey. In this keynote address, Shelly Peters and Christina Albetta of CRANE Atlanta show you how to help the right families find and stay with you—by unfolding your school’s own unique story.

Breakout sessions led by CRANE:

Whats vs. whys: How to explain what you do, through the lens of why you do it.
Be prepared to list your school’s top five differentiators and consider how you might make them more meaningful, authentic, and effective.

The 60-second website audit: Participants can volunteer to share and discuss their website with the group. Together we’ll discover the three take-aways a prospective parent can glean from your website in the first 60 seconds—and how to be sure they’re the right ones.

Worth 1,000 words?: What is your photography conveying about your school’s culture? Your photos always make a strong first impression on prospects—but it may not be the impression you want. In this session we’ll share professional tips for ensuring your photos tell the right story.

NOTE: For all three sessions, bring your entire admissions packet and be ready to scrutinize it and others’, kindly but thoroughly!


Shelly W. Peters

As the strategic and organizational leader of CRANE, Shelly fosters genuine partnerships that lead to enduring success. Shelly passionately believes in empowering clients to discover and shape their own optimal culture—so they can keep building authentic, active, and purposeful community long into the future. Shelly holds a dual BA in psychology and educational studies from Emory University and studied learning and organizational change at Northwestern University. Since joining CRANE in 2007, Shelly has employed her keen perception, wise diplomacy, and inner drive to ensure that clients achieve their highest aspirations.

Christina Albetta
Positioning Strategist

Christina carefully examines the unique landscape of every situation, discerning opportunities and possibilities that others may overlook. Her exceptional combination of experience and intuition enables her to give clients the precise tools to tell every institution’s genuine story. Christina holds a BA in journalism and mass communications from the University of New Mexico and draws on nearly 15 years in independent school marketing and communication—including a long tenure as Director of Communications and Strategic Marketing at The Archer School for Girls in Los Angeles.


presented at the 2018 Bay Area Directors of Admission Symposium, Petaluma