Crane: Unfold Your Story

SPEAKING TO SHARED VALUES: Using demographic and psychographic analysis to shape institutional storytelling

Demographic and psychographic market studies offer schools crucial insights, from the number of households within a given geographic or economic threshold to common beliefs and consumer behavior patterns that distinguish a particular community. However, while admissions professionals have more analytical tools at their disposal than ever before, a pivotal question remains: How can schools forge meaningful human connections with best-fit families discovered through data analysis?

Please join Angie Jackson and Leslie Batty of CRANE | Atlanta for a workshop designed to help participants connect their market’s needs with their school’s strengths and to offer practical suggestions for shaping authentic, compelling stories that speak powerfully to the values and viewpoints both parties share.


Angie Jackson
positioning strategist

Angie is a cross-channel advertising expert with a degree in communications from Indiana University and 15 years in educational marketing. In her tenure with CRANE, Angie has achieved impressive results for more than 50 clients. Over half of these partnerships included either campaign consultation or philanthropy support. Her experience is supplemented by Angie’s profound sense of purpose—every decision she makes on behalf of her clients is attuned to the central question of “To what end?”

Leslie Batty

A seasoned academic and professional writer and editor, Leslie has a Ph.D. in English from Purdue University, extensive teaching experience in higher education, and five years of successful work with CRANE clients ranging from cozy K-6 independent schools to large public universities. Her thinking tackles complex problems of institutional identity while her writing highlights each client’s driving principles, distinctive value proposition, and defining strengths and beauties.

presented at the 2018 Admissions Officers Conference (New Jersey Association of Independent Schools), Hamburg, NJ