Crane: Unfold Your Story

St. George’s Independent School | Memphis, TN

Your gift of new language to explain the SGIS mission is priceless. Thank you so very, very much.

Sarah Cowan, former Director of Communications


St. George’s Independent School employed beautifully engaging, demonstrably effective pedagogy—but in a conservative market, within a city that sometimes failed to understand what happens in classrooms where agile teaching and active learning shape the curriculum.

For some time, SGIS needed to spread the word about their impressive academic results, life-changing approach to transformative diversity, and the true warmth and joyfulness of the school community. However, SGIS had been entirely too busy doing to spend much time describing.



We realized that beneath all St. George’s innovative and updated methods, the school offered the unassailable bedrock of an excellent classic education. The SGIS commitment to project-based teaching, entrepreneurial spirit, collaborative work, and active learning—all buzzwords that might make the greater Memphis community nervous—culminates in graduates with strong problem-solving skills, critical and creative thinking abilities, and emotional and ethical maturity.

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These disciplined minds, adventurous spirits, and brave hearts appeal to any parent, even in tradition-rich Memphis. The task: make explicit the connections between classic content and modern methods—between what Memphis families have always wanted for their children and what St. George’s delivers in new and exciting ways.

  • Website redesign helped unify all three campuses under a consistent look and feel and established the St. George’s umbrella brand internally and externally.
  • The program rallied all constituent groups around the freshly articulated SGIS value proposition, resulting in increased internal alignment that paved the way to more consistent operations on all fronts.


CRANE created a series of interwoven strands, which function visually as two intertwined threads and verbally as a meld of two phrases—one claiming St. George’s timeless educational ends and one describing the school’s timely instructional means.

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As part of their new graphic identity, the interwoven strands gave St. George’s a way to link—artfully but clearly—the shared, classic values of many prospective families with the fresh, modern methods of a St. George’s education. St. George’s Independent School now has the language and the imagery to show best-fit families how active learning leads to time-honored results—and reveal the true depth and complexity of the overarching SGIS philosophy.


In the wake of the rebranding effort, St. George’s built across-the-board momentum in achieving internal alignment, which helped unify not only messaging but programmatic and curricular initiatives as well. More importantly, new applicants are finding their way to the website and all three SGIS campuses with more frequency—and SGIS reports that more of these new visitors are coming from best-fit families across Memphis.

The school also attracted the attention of a nearby elementary school that is on its way to becoming a feeder for sixth grade.