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Holland Hall | Tulsa, OK

We really appreciate CRANE’s individualized, customized approach to our school, which led to sophisticated and meaningful materials. The and/all construct has armed us with a strategic, authentic way to tell our community exactly who we are.

J.P. Culley, Head of School


When we first visited Holland Hall, the school was both a well-known market leader and an enduring mystery in greater Tulsa. Established in 1922, Holland Hall was recognized as a prestigious college preparatory academy where intellectual liberty and academic rigor met. But for Tulsans outside the close-knit Holland Hall community, the school still remained somewhat undefined. 

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Holland Hall offers engaged and active learning, a warm and welcoming community, and an extraordinary apprenticeship in self-reliance—but not enough people in Tulsa truly understood what went on “behind the fence” that lined the campus bounds.



Holland Hall offers the most comprehensive and exciting educational opportunities in Tulsa—unusual electives, close student/teacher relationships, innovative methods, wide-ranging arts and athletics programs, and a deeply kind community—all of which combine to help students love learning today. 

And this wide range of offerings also coalesces into a well-balanced, thorough college preparatory education to secure every graduate’s tomorrow. In order to help Tulsa recognize Holland Hall’s compelling immediate benefits and sought-after, long-term dividends, we had to simultaneously highlight both impressive range and composite results.


  • Marked increases in inquiries and applications
  • Increased number of campus visits
  • Enthusiam for new branding across the whole school community


As it turns out, the optimal visual and verbal cue for this “extraordinary parts/exceptional whole” model emerged from Holland Hall’s own name.

By visually highlighting the “and” and the “all” embedded within the words Holland Hall, the school could convey curricular and extra-curricular details and overarching, impressive outcomes at the same time. The and/all nameplate lockup provides a striking graphic representation of the depth of Holland Hall’s commitment to both range and results. Textually, ands and alls strategically placed throughout copy (and sometimes called out vibrantly with special font treatments) allow the school to rhetorically emphasize this metaconcept and communicate important information to prospective families.


Spearheaded by a series of bold print ads, which confront local misconceptions about the school directly, Holland Hall launched a comprehensive rebranding effort in the early fall of 2016. Since then, the school has seen marked increases in inquiries, applications, and campus visits—and enjoyed great community enthusiasm and appreciation for the and/all concept that now frames Holland Hall’s messaging.