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Brand it and they will come: Increasing best-fit inquiries with integrated and intentional messaging

On almost every campus, admissions teams wrestle with some variation on this theme:

“Parents fall in love with our school the minute they step on campus.”

“On paper, we look expensive. But in person, families see our real value.”

“Once you’re here, you just get it.”

But how can schools ensure that best-fit families hear the messages that lead them to campus in the first place?

Demographic, geographic, and psychographic data makes it increasingly possible to find and speak to families who share the values reflected on your campus. Then, once armed with this data, you must channel the right authentic, evocative, carefully-crafted message directly to the right prospects at the right time across a wide range of media.

Join Stephanie Morin, Director of Admission for St. Andrew’s School of Rhode Island, and Angie Jackson, marketing solutions director at Crane MetaMarketing in Atlanta, to discover how your school can create a more integrated and intentional messaging strategy to increase inquiries from well-matched families. Our discussion will include concrete, tactical suggestions on how to more clearly identify and more compellingly engage your best-fit families, throughout all stages of the decision journey.

presented at the 2017 Enrollment Management Association Annual Conference, New Orleans