Crane: Unfold Your Story

Client stories

Midtown International School

How do we move from word-of-mouth to top-of-mind?

Midtown International School

St. George's

How can we reframe parents' understanding of our evolving classroom methods?

St. George's

Norfolk Academy

What do our founding principles mean for today's learners?

Norfolk Academy

What our partners say

  • We really appreciate CRANE’s individualized, customized approach to our school, which led to sophisticated and meaningful materials and armed us with a strategic, authentic way to tell our community exactly who we are.

    J.P. Culley, Head of School school logo

  • To say I'm blown away is an understatment. I don't know how you do it, but CRANE has managed to capture Peck in ways I didn't think imaginable.

    Andy Delinsky, Head of School school logo

  • The subtlety, elegance, and power of the message CRANE helped us create grows more compelling and appealing to me each day.

    Dennis Manning, Head of School school logo

  • CRANE led an inclusive process that captured the essential elements of an Elgin Academy education—something we’d never been able to articulate on our own. The program is a beautiful encapsulation of what makes this school we all love so special.

    Seth Hanford, Head of School school logo

  • I have had so many teachers and parents tell me this partnership with CRANE left them feeling re-invigorated as advocates for the MIS mission. Our team embraces the program, our community feels it, and we certainly live it every day.

    Ande Noktes, Head of School school logo

  • Rather than focus on the “whats,” CRANE helped us focus on the “whys” and the “hows,” and that’s what’s helped make us distinctive.

    Edward Kim, former Head of School school logo