Crane: Unfold Your Story




We believe strong school marketing

tells a one-of-a-kind story

unfolding from your context—reflectively, collaboratively, and creatively.

Campus School of Smith College helped best-fit families understand their unique lab school model, and year-over-year inquiries doubled.

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We believe your school should

attract believers,

not just buyers.

The Meadows School articulated its founding values and found families who bring buy-in that goes far beyond a tuition check.

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We believe prospective families

can feel right at home in your community

before they ever set foot on campus.

The Peck School’s inviting community was something of a hidden jewel—
until they deployed a branding program that invited the market in.

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We believe every person in your community

is a spokesperson

for your community.

The Punahou School helped their best storytellers find the right words.

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We believe your educators

can teach us a lot about marketing

the unique methods and mission of your school.

Shady Hill School passed the first big test of any marketing program—
getting high scores from their own community.

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strategic storytelling &
positioning partners for nonprofits

We help schools, universities, and service-driven organizations articulate their defining values, further their guiding missions, and forge authentic connections with the audiences who need and support their work.


We help our clients assert authentic value propositions, meet market and institutional challenges, and, most importantly, tell their stories.


We shape our programs around our time-tested process—but we also tailor each partnership to meet specific client needs.


The things we make take many forms, from printed viewbooks to overarching strategic recommendations. Each one is designed to build on your strengths.